Hello world! The Zentropist Checks In

As a self-employed writer and business consultant, I’ve tended to focus most of my energy over the past several years developing clients, honoring my commitments to them by producing superior work, and constantly learning new skills as well as honing existing ones. And did I mention, constantly looking for business opportunities?

Quite frankly, blogging was low on my list of priorities… that is, until now. I’m making a commitment in 2009 to “get with the times” and extend my writing to the “blog-o-sphere.” You can expect to see an evolution over time, as I synthesize and coordinate my entries here with an overhaul and redesign of my consulting Website, which you’ll find at www.blackrockconsult.com. If all goes as planned (dangerous words, I know), I’ll be delivering actionable and useful information on a variety of topics related to my professional activities and from time to time, my personal interests including the Great Outdoors / Nature and integration of a disciplined martial arts practice into daily life.


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