The Creed of the Zentropist & Preview of Coming Attractions

I have previously made reference to the creed, or motto, of the Zentropist, which is, “The fluent blade cuts cleanly.”

I believe that this concise phrase penetrates to the essential core of the Zentropist. I also want to pay tribute to the source of this inspiration, which is the novelist Takashi Matsuoka from a passage in Cloud of Sparrows (Dell Publishing, 2003) which reads as follows:

“Words can damage. Silence can heal. Knowing when to speak and when not to speak is the wisdom of sages.

“Knowledge can hinder. Ignorance can liberate. Knowing when to know and when not to know is the wisdom of prophets.

“Unimpeded by words, silence, knowledge or ignorance, a fluent blade cuts cleanly. This is the wisdom of warriors.”

We’ll explore the Zentropist Creed in greater detail in a future posting.

For those chafing at the bit and wondering when I’ll be exploring tangible business topics and getting past all of the philosophical musings, rest assured that this is coming in the weeks ahead. Among the topics that I’ve already identified for editorial are:

  • Project management and the sudden surge in its popularity
  • The role of storytelling techniques and devices in business
  • Specialist, Generalist or Zentropist?
  • Integrity and the Zentropist
  • Principles and the Zentropist
  • Dealing with Difficult Clients and other studies from the Case Files of the Zentropist
  • The differences between Business Plans and Strategic Plans
  • Understanding Capital Sources
  • Marketing Ideas that Won’t Break the Bank
  • And much, much more!

So hopefully this will entice those of you who have begun following this blog to keep returning! Our monthly newsletters have begun circulating as well. If this sounds like it may be of interest, click here to join our mailing list.

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