9 Consulting Principles Worthy of Emulation

For nearly two decades, I have provided management and communications consulting services, working with some name recognizable clients, as well as people still in the early stages of defining their journeys.

Over time, I’ve attempted to synthesize certain lessons, and continued my own education by seeking out different wisdom traditions and training to help me refine and codify my own beliefs. What follows is not wholly original to me by any stretch of the imagination, but represents what I feel are principles worth striving to live up to as a code of personal and professional conduct.

Perhaps some will view the number nine as an odd choice, although it does happen to have significance in certain esoteric traditions such as the Kuji-kiri, so read into this as you will:

  • First seek to do no harm.
  • Challenge all assumptions, including your own.
  • Never cherry pick facts to fit your preferred theory or outcome; instead, establish what are the objective facts relevant to the situation, as opposed to convenient assumptions and opinions.
  • Emotions are important, but when it comes to certain critical decisions, set these aside and only trade in proven facts and logic.
  • Admit what you don’t know. And then educate yourself on these knowledge gaps, and/or bring in outside expertise to shore up these shortcomings.
  • It’s not about you.
  • Always appreciate and be wary of the Unknown. That’s often where problems arise. As well as opportunities.
  • Remember the 5 Whys. The solutions to challenges lies in following this path.
  • Continuously evolve. The alternative is stagnation. Water avoids stagnation. Be like water.
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