About the Tao of the Zentropist Blog

Tao of the Zentropist is the official blog of writer, business strategist and management consultant Jonathan S. Ross, currently based in Los Angeles, California.

I operate Black Rock Consulting, a boutique consulting firm offering an integrated suite of professional services centered upon the disciplines of project management; business and creative writing; marketing; and business strategy. The Black Rock Consulting Website is quite dated and needs a refresh, but truth be told, since April 2013 I’ve been fulfilling full-time commitments to an interesting privately held company in the Aerospace & Defense space, and my freelance activity has been more selective due to time constraints.

While some might question what an Entertainment and Technology background may have in common with Aerospace & Defense, I will submit that there’s more overlap than some might suspect, and urge you to Google the professional musician Jeff “Skunk” Baxter, who has carved out quite a niche in this space as well.

And I will observe, my own foray into this field has given me the somewhat unusual distinction of spending time in a professional capacity at both George Lucas’ Skywalker Ranch as well as The Pentagon. Not a bad icebreaker in social settings, I suppose.

My professional profile can be found on LinkedIn. With the improved interactivity on this system as of 2017, if you can get past the self-promotion (I try to keep it tasteful myself!) there’s interesting content being generated.

You may also find me skulking on Facebook, but don’t expect any juicy or salacious tidbits in this venue either.

As of 18 February 2009, you can follow the blog on Twitter. I’m not all that active on Twitter, but maybe that will change one day!

Jonathan also currently serves as a moderator (user name “Zentropist”) on the United Business Media/TechWeb  Enterprise Efficiency information technology blog.

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