What I Do (And Why You Should Care)

My name is Jonathan S. Ross and I’d like to introduce myself.

I’m a small business owner with a boutique Management and Communications Consulting practice based in Los Angeles, California. I offer an integrated, inter-disciplinary suite of services that at the core focus on my ability to:

  • Objectively analyze situations and markets following diligent research;
  • Identify, hone and articulate creative solutions within a definable strategic framework;
  • Efficiently operate on a tactical level to ensure that the necessary work gets done;
  • Invest myself in the client’s success by serving as a business advocate and sounding board where appropriate.

My project management background provides real value to business owners because I am capable of implementing solutions and not simply making suggestions which may or may not be acted upon. I can provide very tangible value in guiding business owners through the often confusing digital media landscape, ensuring that they are not taken advantage of by unscrupulous vendors and/or developers that fail to understand the importance of establishing a clear methodology, such as developing written Business Requirements which support the actual business objectives and subsequently, creating both Functional and Technical Specifications that guide all development and production efforts.

As a skilled writer and storyteller, I can effectively communicate a client’s message through a wide range of executive and investor-facing deliverables, such as Business Plans, Strategic Plans, PowerPoint Decks and the like, as well as through the copy written for digital and print marketing materials.

I understand the needs and viewpoints of institutional as well as private investors and the various entities (investment banks, deal brokers, attorneys, etc.) that invariably become stakeholders in financing transactions.

In short, I help fellow small business owners navigate a maze of often overwhelming and conflicting information to find the solutions which meet their needs and provide a ROI measurable in monetary, knowledge and peace of mind terms.

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