Zentropist Writing Portfolio

This page will be periodically updated with links to creative and business writing samples from past work completed by Jonathan S. Ross.

Samples of non-confidential work are also found on the Black Rock Consulting Website. Redacted and sanitized samples of business plans and other strategic documentation will be made available upon request to prospective clients. Such requests may be sent to blackrockconsult [at] yahoo [dot] com.

In February 2011 paid blogging work was performed for Clarizen, Inc. on behalf of its Software-as-a-Service based project management solution:

“Project Based Solutions Software”

“Why Project Documentation Templates Matter”

“Project Management Wikis”

“Don’t Be Fooled by Open Source Project Software”

“Free Project Software”

Previously, paid blog postings appeared on the Website for Web developer inQbation, a list of which are found here along with their links.

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