What is a Zentropist?

I bet that you’re wondering what a “Zentropist” is or does, as you well should, since I can state for the record that I coined this term in January 2009 as part of a personal branding initiative. Here’s the official definition as I currently see it:

Zentropist (n.)


A Zentropist harnesses the potential for work and creativity available within a system and through enlightened application of knowledge and skills, and the alignment of carefully considered goals and objectives, achieves a desirable and harmonious outcome.

(c) 2009 Jonathan S. Ross

All rights reserved


Those who seek the Tao

Walk a lonely path at times

Mysteries await.

Jonathan S. Ross

(c) 2009 All rights reserved

2 thoughts on “What is a Zentropist?

  1. If every one applies these concepts to their daily lives, I believe unity,prosperity and willingness to try new ideas and goals in life won’t seem so out of reach.

  2. A new word, a new philosophy, perhaps a new world.

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